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Sign language (III)

The Web site for the Scott Allen Miller’s show on WRKO Radio (AM 680) has been edited. Instead of saying, “Citgo is basically owned by the government of Venezuela, and the city pays to light up the sign every night,” it now just says, “Citgo is basically owned by the government of Venezuela.”

I didn’t have a chance to hear Miller this morning, so I don’t know whether he acknowledged his error.

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  1. Don

    It’s AM radio, for God’s sake.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m troubled to find that I actually agree with hatlo. Dan, you actually *listen* to those jerkoffs?

  3. Scott Allen Miller

    I have corrected the record more than once on the ownership of the sign, specifically saying “I was wrong”, although I remember one of the local TV station (whom I won’t name because I can’t offer proof of it) reported in a story about the sign refurbishing that the city paid for it’s electricity. However, I did not say that the City of Boston paid to refurbish it as you reported that I did, but you have not issued a correction. When I couldn’t prove what I had heard, I corrected it although I sincerely believe that I heard it. You should do the same. It’s not my responsibility to prove what I did not say.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Scott — I’ve written: “As for Miller’s claim that I got it wrong when I wrote that he had said taxpayers had footed the bill for refurbishing the Citgo sign, I’ll concede that I may have gotten confused.”Not specific enough? OK, it’s a correction. I sincerely believed I heard you say that taxpayers were somehow involved in fixing the sign. I will accept your word that I was wrong. In fact, I did — several days ago, in public. All I left out was the word “correction.”

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