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Blogging update

Now that the semester has begun, blogging is probably going to be somewhat lighter than it was over the summer. I’ll try to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

I’ve been spending some time yesterday and today setting up a blog for a class I’m teaching called “Beat Reporting: The Journalism of the Web.” It’s a portal for blogs by my students. I’ll also post certain types of new-media items that might not be quite right for Media Nation. Please have a look.

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  1. Anonymous

    This looks like a really cool class, I wish I wasn’t on co-op so I could take it. Have a good semester.Best,Erin Engelson

  2. Anonymous

    Wow. NU journalism classes have come a long way since I was there in the late 1980s. Back then we would actually, you know, go out and cover stuff and write stories.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 4:02 — I think I detect a logical flaw of epic proportions here. Because students in a Web journalism class are writing blogs, therefore NU journalism students are not going out, covering stuff and writing stories (?). Wow. Trust me. They are. And they will be in this class, too.

  4. Anonymous

    Dan: I guess the emphasis on “beat reporting” in the course name threw me off. Maybe you should have just called the class “Web Journalism 101” or “Web Journalism: An Introduction.”Still, I’m not sure how blogging skills can translate into a newsroom. Look on the bright side: at least I realize that I’m a dinosaur.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    I don’t get to name the courses. But I will tell you that in addition to blogging, the students will be producing two good-length news/feature stories.

  6. MeTheSheeple

    I’ll state that I was in an earlier incarnation of this class, and recommended it to other graduate students. I found it useful to at least dabble in other mediums, while trying to understand how that affected the message.If this were a late-night television ad, I’d say that taking Dan’s class also enabled me to grow more hair, remove greasy spots and rotisserie a chicken in less than five minutes. Because this isn’t a TV spot, I’m free to say that I remain unemployed. =)

  7. Anonymous

    why nothing on ch.7 buying ch.56?i am sure you’ll give us the pc spin…can’t wait

  8. Anonymous

    anon2:55Try reading for content. Dan posted on this days ago. Given that most of the blogosphere is outraged O’Reilly clones (see PunditReview), isn’t Dan the antithesis of PC?

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