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No immunity

In an otherwise straightforward assessment of Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb, The New Republic’s Michelle Cottle writes (sub. req.):

Unlike, say, John Kerry, Webb has a military record that defies “swift-boating” — featuring two Purple Hearts, one Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Navy Cross — and an upbringing macho enough to make George Allen drool with envy.

I’m not sure what this means. Yes, Robert Timberg recalls that, one time, a “clot of pus and dead skin the size of a tennis ball blew out of his [Webb’s] knee.” But does that mean that the same folks who mocked Kerry’s war-hero status, spread rumors that John McCain’s Vietnam POW experience made him too crazy to be president, and cast triple-amputee Max Cleland as an unpatriotic coddler of terrorists are somehow going to give Webb a pass?

Uh, probably not.

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  1. whispers

    Indeed. The Swift Boaters have no care what the truth of the matter is when it comes to decorated veterans. It is the height of inanity to say that having an even stronger record than Kerry’s (or Cleland’s) will somehow immunize a person from sliming attacks. The attacks will come anyway. The only defense is a good offense – see Paul Hackett in Ohio for example.

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