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Is anyone blaming Terry Francona for the Red Sox’ collapse? I didn’t think so. Nick Cafardo this morning tells us not to blame Francona. OK, Nick. We won’t.

And best wishes to David Ortiz.

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  1. Anonymous

    I blame future Hall of Famer Bronson Arroyo for abandoning us in our time of need.

  2. KFW

    Theo, step right up.

  3. whispers

    Did Francona take a pipe to Manny’s knee, or Wakefield’s back, or zap Papi with an electric shock? They started the season with good hitting and a thin pitching staff. They’ve had an inordinate number of injuries. That’s it. Francona’s not to blame. Maybe Theo is, but I say he’s still got a 5-year grace period (at least).

  4. Secret Agent Cathy

    A Dominican friend tells me Francona is totally to blame because the Sox no tocan (don’t bunt) and no roban los bases. So someone out there is blaming him …

  5. Stella

    An open secret is that once the boys started calling Francona Tito rather than Terry the season was binned.

  6. Big Stein (the boss)

    Does everyone not see that Remy hexed the team by turning it into his own private cash register? Lucre is a one way street in Red Sox nation. And, is it not well known that certain huddles were held with GL whilst the team was whiffing in LA? Cafarldo ought stop spreading rumors and focus on real gnus.

  7. mike_b1

    cathy, don’t you know that Dominicans don’t know nothin? Just ask Shaughnessy!

  8. Bobby Bronks

    Youse all don’ know nuttin.

  9. Don

    I can’t believe anyone earning the big money is tanking it. They’re doing their best; it’s just not good enough right now. Pray for a good month, and channel Ted Williams.

  10. Ron Stevens

    Red Sox Nation is getting greedy;Francona is not far removed from his manegerial WS championship. The best managers (pre Bill James Epstein etc.}probably could gain a team three or four extra wins a year.The previous manager of the Sox,was fired,based on leaving in Pedro Martinez for one to many pitches.In the long run,a team is better off;giving the manager theluxary of making mistakes;percieved or literal ones.Otherwise you could clutter the mind of a manager with second guessing;ironicaly leading to more mistakes.

  11. Steve

    Hatlo is so close to the mark.It’s obvious the real reason for the Sox Swoon is Teddy’s displeasure at having his name linked to an engineering disaster. The bolts and the Sox became unglued at about the same time.But seriously, isn’t it just like old times? The Sox falling apart while the Yankees soar is so 1990s. All that’s missing is Matt Young.

  12. mike_b1

    The previous manager was fired because he refused to follow his bosses’ instructions. Ignoring the data on Pedro was the final straw, but everything published to date says that John Henry wanted Little gone as the manager after 2002 — a year before he pulled a McNamara.

  13. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Today’s Fun Fact to Know and Tell:On September 24, or so, Tito will set a club record for Most Games Managed Following Final Pennant Won, eclipsing the 292 of Ed Barrow (last pennant 1918) and on or about July 28 of next year will set the club record for Most Games Managed Following Any Pennant Won and Most Games Managed Following World Series Victory, eclipsing the 435 of Jimmy Collins (first World’s Championship, 1903.)In club history, only Collins and Joe Morgan have managed more than two complete seasons following a pennant or division title.

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