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Curtis online

Chet Curtis has a blog. I always knew he was a new-media type.

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  1. tony schinella

    Eh, it looks like it is a producer’s blog … However, I do like Chet.

  2. Anonymous

    This is not a blog. It’s a promotion for his program. It’s disappointing that an astute media observer such as yourself can’t tell the difference.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    It’s a blog that is a promotion for his program. So what?

  4. neil

    So, it’s not a blog, that’s what.It’s not the Chet Curtis “blog” anyway. It’s the Chet Curtis Report “blog”. Meaning it’s owned by a TV show, not the person. Using a blogging application like WordPress to package your advertising doesn’t make the result a blog. Unless you think that wolf in sheep’s clothing is really a sheep.

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