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Boston Massacre, 2006

Here we go again.

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  1. Wes

    Very familiar territory.

  2. Mike from Norwell

    You noticed that too, eh?Looks like like the loss of Varitek is looming larger and larger as this travesty goes on. Hopefully we haven’t turned all of these “untouchable” young arms into a bunch of Calvin Schiraldi wannabees…

  3. Don

    I kinda lost interest after Ted Williams, The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived, retired from playing.

  4. Anonymous

    The way they were playing, you could see this coming.

  5. A.J. Cordi

    Hopefully, the Yanks keep doin’ what they’re doin’ 🙂 hehe

  6. whispers

    I don’t think it’s quite fair to use the phrase “Boston Massacre”, not because this past weekend hasn’t been disastrous, but because the ’78 team was much better than this year’s team has ever been. Putting the 2004 team aside for a moment, I would say that the ’78 team was the most talented team in my lifetime (born in ’68). That team had no business collapsing the way they did. This year’s team just isn’t good enough. I’ve never thought they were as good as the White Sox, and it seems they’re also not as good as the Tigers, Yankees, or Twins.

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Whispers — You’re right. That’s why I don’t feel all that let down.

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