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Trouble in WiFi city

Last night my iBook began refusing to hook up to the Internet, even though it tells me I’m getting a strong, clear WiFi signal. So it’s off to the “genius bar” this afternoon (I don’t care if they’re not really geniuses, but I wish it were really a bar), and, in all likelihood, no blogging.

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  1. Rhea

    What is the genius bar? Sounds like something I could use once in a while…

  2. Clyde Grubbs

    Getting a strong wifi signal doesn’t mean the internet is connecting to the wifi router. I was getting a good signal on Monday, but i had reboot my modem and airport.On anohter occassion I called the cable company and they said the whole neighborhood was down. The Genius Bar guys can help with the IBook but not with TimeWarner or Verizon.

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