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Smart guy, dumb move

I’m astounded that Nick Lemann would slash the budget for CJRDaily while attempting to prop up the print edition of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Lemann has gotten cuffed around by many in blogworld for his recent New Yorker article on citizen journalism. I didn’t think he deserved it — it was a smart and nuanced piece.

But this latest move is just dumb. Jay Rosen tells the New York Times that, instead, Lemann should dump the print edition. Rosen is being predictable, of course. But he’s also right.

Update: Lemann explains his reasoning in a letter to Romenesko.

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  1. Tish Grier

    perhaps Lemann’s move is the manifestation of the contempt he showed for online efforts in his New Yorker piece. Sad that someone with so much power cannot see that the Internet isn’t going away any time soon–no matter where he puts his school’s money.

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