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“Varieties of Schadenfreude”

Blue Mass. Group has posted a pretty amusing overview of the Herald’s gleeful wallowing in the Globe’s misfortune over the John Keaveney memo.

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The Shaughnessy redemption

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  1. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    But what about the Paul Sherman case that nobody wants to talk about, especially the Herald? The former Herald film critic (he wrote 82 reviews or feature stories in a one year period, plus reams of briefs and capsules) is one of a bunch of people nabbed in a federal operation that targeted people who took their legit review copies of movies and uploaded them to warez sites on the Web. Here’s the latest on the most recent batch to cop pleas:http://0225.0145.01.040/criminal/cybercrime/jacobsonplea.htmThey're getting up to 30 months in the federal pen on this, why is everyone giving the Herald a free pass on it’s failure to report on corruption on Wingo Way?

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