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From the Phoenix

I want to call your attention to a couple of stories in this week’s Boston Phoenix:

  • On the new-media front, David Bernstein takes a look at the Boston Police Department’s blog, BPD News. According to Bernstein’s reporting, the police have used the blog to spin the local media with disinformation. BPD News responds with an admirably above-the-fray welcome to Phoenix readers.
  • This week also marks the debut of a weekly column on how the media are covering this year’s political campaigns. Written by Boston University communications professor John Carroll, with whom I often appear on WGBH-TV/Channel 2’s “Beat the Press” edition of “Greater Boston,” the column features Carroll’s customary meld of wit and substance.

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  1. Rick in Duxbury

    Carroll is fabulous, as usual. Good 1-2 punch with you, DK. Perhaps next Friday (on BTP),you can examine a singularly crappy week for Da Mayah. On the same day:1. Greenway delays are exposed in the Globe2. IBEW 103 releases rats at the Capital Grille, (Menino appears in early morning TV ads for 103 as their spokesman and “partner”)3. The Phoenix exposes how far off the rails the Boston Police have gone, with or without Comm. Kathy, (blogs straight out of Orwell) and 4. We are treated to the unveiling in the Globe of “T. Mizzie” as he attempts to go “hip-hop”. Mistah Mayah, try gravitas.(Howie Carr truly has the easiest job in town!)

  2. Anonymous

    BPD’s permalinks are (conveniently) broken, but anchors will do the trick to get a link to the disputed blog entry: luck finding the police report online though…

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