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Smoothing out a few wrinkles has been tweaked. It’s not a full redesign, and navigating it can still be a bit bewildering. But it’s — well, better.

The emphasis is on the Herald’s Web-only and Web-enhanced features. There’s a “Today’s Most Popular” box on the right and prominent space given to the paper’s bloggers.

The section-front guides that you encounter as you scroll down are an improvement, although they appear not to have been fully implemented yet — right now, “News & Opinion” consists of obits.

Not bad, but I’d still like to see a full redesign. Here is one of the best. (Well, they’re both tabloids, aren’t they?)

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  1. Lis Riba

    I do miss the larger image of the print edition front page.Their headlines are so fun, I hate to see it diminished.

  2. Bill Weye

    Dan,In terms of criticizing the Web presence of a newspaper, I think a special place should be held for the Globe/ That thing is a mess in terms of design and information architecture. I don’t often read the paper, but it seems that the Herald is working on its Web site, while the Globe is . . . not. Of course, all of the Herald site should be free.One of the best newspaper/community sites is, which is in Lawrence, KS. We’re the freaking HUB! How come we don’t have something like that?Maybe we should task Chris Lydon with this problem; he could get his team of Harvard jr faculty on the case (I saw you in Amherst, at the Lydon petting zoo).Question: are you going back to the Phoenix?best,Bill

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Lis — Just click on that little image of the Herald front page, and you’ll get what you want.Bill — I don’t like, but is a pretty good facsimile of the print edition — which is what I want. Anyway, Marty Baron got control of just within the past couple of months, so maybe he can do something with it. Let me answer your question with a question: What would lead you to ask such a question? I left the Phoenix to take a very attractive job at Northeastern, and I am still there.

  4. Lis Riba

    Lis — Just click on that little image of the Herald front page, and you’ll get what you want.Oh, I saw, but to me a large part of the Herald is its front page.It used to be visible (and legible) directly from the frontpage. Now it requires an extra click.That to me, makes the redesign less helpful.

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