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Brief hiatus

Media Nation Jr. and I are heading up to Imp Campsite this afternoon and the summit of Mount Moriah tomorrow. (We hope to work in a trip here, too.) I’ll try to post comments Thursday morning before heading back to New Hampshire to pick up Miss Media Nation from Girl Scout camp.

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  1. MeTheSheeple

    Additional male-bonding opportunities here. =)

  2. Terrier

    I’ve been to the Yankee Smokehouse, and can still taste the awesomeness. I may end up there this weekend if things work out (with veggie burgers and cornbread on the menu, I may be able to sell my wife on it).

  3. mike_b1

    Over his past seven starts, Lover Boy Arroyo is 0-4 with a 4.79 ERA.Why can’t we get players like that?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Six of Arroyo’s last 10 starts have been quality starts, and a seventh was borderline (7 IP, 4 ER). His two starts prior to last night were outstanding (15 IP, 2 ER), but he got a no-decision in each of them. Why indeed can’t we get players like that? Of course, I realize that David Wells and Matt Clement haven’t lost any games during the time that Arroyo was losing 4, so obviously those are the types of pitchers we need to load up with.

  5. mike_b1

    “Three of the last four batters Arroyo pitched to made outs.”*snicker*

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