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Worse and worse

But not as bad as it’s going to get.

From “Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly said at an afternoon press conference that anchor bolts similar to those involved in the partial collapse of the Interstate 90 connector tunnel failed field studies as far back as 1999.”

From Dig officials have discovered more than 60 compromised ceiling panels in the I-90 tunnel where a woman was killed Monday, raising the specter of widespread defects in all corners of a tunnel where investigators are methodically gathering evidence in a criminal probe.”

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  1. RichC

    Wow. Just wow.(And to inject some black, typically parochial Boston humor into it — Reilly’s gotta be loving all this — he’ll be able to parlay it into all sorts of PR and photo ops to benefit his campaign.)

  2. PRrag

    It’s just too bad someone had to die for people to notice all this..

  3. Anonymous

    Well, let’s see. Tom O’Reilly has been AG since 1998. Only took him 8 years to figure out there was a problem. He’s done in this race for that reason.Only one of the candidates who stands any chance to benefit is Mihos, being the lone canary in the coal mine in the group.

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