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“Blood on their hands”

No doubt Matt Amorello has to go. But is that really the best Gov. Mitt Romney can come up with under the circumstances?

This Herald report suggests that at least someone knew the section that broke off and killed Milena Delvalle was unsafe — so much so that it had been scheduled for inspection later this year.

Jon Keller: “And now, they all have blood on their hands. It could have been your blood, or that of a loved one. If you’re not absolutely furious about what happened, you’re not breathing. Was this really a tragic ‘accident?’ I suggest another potential description: criminally-negligent manslaughter.”

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  1. Jill D

    Glad to see that Reilly is going at this hard, treating it as a criminal matter right from the start.

  2. Anonymous

    Reilly *always* goes at it hard, before saying ‘unfortunately…’ a couple of months later. Unless, of course, there’s a supermarket that wants to open on Thanksgiving. Just another day at the office for the Commonwealth’s all-talk-and-no-action AG.

  3. Anonymous

    The more I hear, the madder I get, starting from this morning. Listened to Howie Carr this afternoon and was not treated to a bunch of jokes about the situation; rather some seriously ticked off folks, including Christie Mihos (or should we say after today, the next governor of the Commonwealth – he knows where the bodies are buried).Any chance they can get Tip’s name off of this tunnel project? I think his family (as well as Ted Williams’ daughter) would appreciate it…

  4. A Legal Mind

    Interesting that nobody seems to have asked questions about a couple of areas:–The 2002 SJC decision was about removing a board member. Can Amorello be removed from the board but stay on as chief executive? Is there a statute that says he must be a member of the board in order to be the CEO? Does the CEO serve at the pleasure of the board? Is the chairman elected by the board, or designated to BE the chairman when appointed?–Can either Romney or the federal government declare a public safety emergency and take control of the big dig roadways and tunnels

  5. Anonymous

    re proposed Tip and Teddy-Tube un-Titling — to be absolutely clear, the tunnel with the fatally flawed failed facing is neither titled tunnel, but the as-yet anonymous and previously unvilified I-90 extension under Fort Point Channel and South Boston waterfront. (Since I-90 east of 128 was originally the Turnpike Extension, is this the Extension Extension ?)Rather than un-naming, perhaps the affected I-90 Extension Tunnel should be named the Mitt and Matt’s Mess-up Memorial Mine to explain how this came to pass.As I understood it from early reports, only the Extension used hangers to separate plenum(s) above the pendant three-ton tiles from polluted air below. Thus, the titled tunnels are still traversable. Surface-route detours are in effect only between south portal of TWT and I-93, along Northern Ave west-bound. (I didn’t notice where east-bound detours are.) Last I heard they were checking if ventilation standards would allow the Extension to be reopened after the tiles are fully removed, possibly as early as today. I haven’t heard if it’s a single pure air plenum (feed), or polluted air plenum (return), or one of each, or reverasalbe at need (likely?).Uncontrolled ventilation would probably only be a danger in case of traffic jam or particularly fire — a car-fire in a tunnel is a serious problem, which is largely managed by managing the ventilation. Without a plenum cavity to control the air flow, safe maximum traffic volume may be greatly reduced.Muted Cheers,Bill RREF – MTA · MassPort · MBTA

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