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Eric Convey leaves Herald

Another longtime Boston Herald stalwart is leaving. Eric Convey, currently the senior executive city editor, will take the managing editor’s job at the Boston Business Journal on July 17. He’ll report to editor George Donnelly.

Reached by Media Nation, Convey responds by e-mail: “I absolutely love the Herald and the people here. No one could ask for better bosses than I’ve had. But great stuff is happening at the BBJ too, and this opportunity offers professional and personal possibilities that were too good to pass up.”

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  1. Anonymous

    A real “win-win”, (except for the Herald. He will be tough to replace.)

  2. Anonymous

    And a snarky comment about it from El Globo, “another one bites the dust”, so much for elevating themselves above Wingo Square…

  3. Anonymous

    he was a very good reporter for the Salem News covering Peabody City Hall

  4. Anonymous

    Correction: He was a very good reporter for the Peabody Times covering Peabody City Hall, competing against the Salem News. The papers didn’t merge until well after he left.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, he covered Peabody for the Peabody Times, not defunct, when it was a competitor of the Salem Evening News.

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