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The “D”-word

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby takes great comfort in the fact that President Bush didn’t simply ignore the Supreme Court after it invalidated military tribunals for Guantánamo detainees last week, offering it as proof that Bush isn’t actually trying to set up a dictatorship.

Jacoby, who’s been known to call himself a libertarian, might consider how far down the road we’ve traveled for it to seem rational to defend the president on the grounds that he has simply indicated his willingness to obey a ruling by the Supreme Court.

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Loosen those nooses


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  1. Wes

    Jacoby has been wasting ink and foolscap for so long his drivel blends into the ether unnoticed.

  2. Anonymous

    On the other hand, his “warmed over RNC press release” mode is better than his “apologist for bigotry” mode. I think the saddest thing is the Globe is so concerned about appearing “balanced” that they continue to employ him.

  3. Anonymous

    Dan,we’ve traveled far enough down the road (in Boston anyhow) that you and the folks above are considered mainstream. I would suggest that the reaction elsewhere might be different. Not everyone voted for McGovern.

  4. Don

    He didn’t just indicate his willingness, he invited the Court to make a ruling. Now we’ll see what Congress does.

  5. bostonph

    McGovern? You’re joking, right?And what on earth does the reaction elsewhere have to do with whether 1) Jacoby can write or 2) Dan’s point?No matter where you live or what your policial leanings, Jacoby’s excercises in twisting logic should give you pause.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Well, I didn’t vote for McGovern. OK, I was too young. I volunteered for him, though.

  7. Anon 5:01

    Bostonph:Funny how “excercises (sic) in twisting logic” applies to Jacoby but not to those individuals who choose which immigration laws to ignore. My only point was that Eastern MA and the Upper West Side notwithstanding, a great number of Americans agree with him and (apparently) not you. No problem.(It is interesting however that Ted Kennedy seems to get along with many Republicans better than his supporters do. Perhaps his seat atop Olympus gives him a good view of incoming weather?)

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