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Action Jackson

Not long ago I let a right-wing radio host named Gregg Jackson trash me in several lengthy rants on Media Nation’s comments section. Jackson is pushing a book called “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies,” and no doubt he was hoping to move some product at my expense. I’ve had worse done to me. I actually offered to read his book and take the time to research and write a point-by-point refutation.

Well, this is funny. I just found out that on June 16 he trashed me again, on his own blog — and I can’t leave a comment! Apparently it’s fine to come into my house and start screaming and yelling. But when I knocked on his door, I encountered this: “Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.” I guess he was afraid of getting inundated, given that he actually got one person to reply to his attack on me. (That person disagreed with Jackson, by the way.)

As for my offer to review his book, here’s what he wrote: “Message to Dan. If you want to purchase my book you can do so by ordering it and paying for it. That’s how free market capitalism works my friend. You can pre-order on Amazon or B&N. Why would I give you a copy?”

Uh, message to Gregg. When someone offers to review your book, whether friend or foe, the proper response is to sprint to the post office and send it off post-haste. That’s how the conservative commentator Russ Smith got a copy of my book on dwarfism, “Little People,” a few years ago. Russ reviewed it for the Wall Street Journal and called it “extraordinary.” Gregg, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that’s a damn sight better than you’re going to do.

By the way, Jackson ironically titles his post on me “How to Win A Debate With a Liberal” (sic on the capitalization). Well, here are two ways: (1) Don’t let him post a comment to your blog, and (2) don’t provide him with a review copy of your book even after he promises to read it and write about it.

Gregg, my offer still stands. But I will not buy it. Nothing personal. I don’t pay for books I write about. Neither does anyone else. Get a clue — and get a grip.

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  1. magschmooz

    Gee, a rightwing nut terrified of being confronted by a response they can’t control…Rush ??…Nope…Nobody Jackson ?? uf huh…dan, don’t lose any sleep

  2. mike_b1

    You are obsessed with a nobody, Dan.Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. Charles Foster Kane

    Dan,I’m pretty sure that Gregg’s book is self-published so his hesitation at sending out a review copy is likely because it is literally money out of his own pocket.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Charles — Oh, I’m reasonably sure it is self-published. Them’s the breaks. Does he want publicity or not?

  5. mike_b1

    I’m pretty sure that Gregg’s book is self-published so his hesitation at sending out a review copy is likely because it is literally money out of his own pocket.What, has the price of toilet paper gone up recently?

  6. Anonymous

    Dan,Sounds like what I stated about your inability to supstantiate the specific claims you made in an earlier post regarding the very same liberal shibboleths I cover in my book (No Liberal media bias, Whitewater was not a scandal, etc…)may have stung a little. Instead of whining about how I didn’t provide you with a free copy of my book for your review, why don’t you go back to the original post and substantiate the earlier bogus claims you made.I didn’t “trash you” in any way. i merely pointed out the gaping flaws in your arguements. Don’t confuse ad hom attacks, with constructive criticism. As I said before, what I think really gets you the most upset is that there is an alternative media that actually points out the unsubstantiated claims you routnely make that you used to get away with. Instead of referring to me as a “right winger” focus on the substance of the debate. Leave the vacuous and innane generalizations out of it. If I am a “nobody” why are you wasting your time criticizing me on your blog? Don’t you as a serious journalist have better things to do with your time? We’ve had you on our radio show and had a nice chat in the past. No need to get defensive. Instead of raising your voice, try raising the level of your arguments. By the way, I have self-published my book and really don’t care how it does. I put a lot of hard work into it over the past 5 years and have receieved some serious interest from some major publishing houses who I may or may not go with. The book, even prior to its official release in a few weeks has been in the top 50 on Barnes and Noble and in the top100 on Amazon. Just in pre-orders alone. For what it is worth, I have already sent “review copies” out to about 200 reviewers and have been honored by the endorsements I have received which include the following:Current Endorsements for Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue By Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z by Gregg Jackson“…political and media spin are shot to pieces by hard facts.”–Dr. Thomas Sowell, The New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Applied Economics” and “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.”“Gregg Jackson has done a yeoman’s job in exposing the lies that underlie the leftist agenda of misleading us in order to gain greater control over our lives. It’ll make a wonderful gift for a leftist friend; it might even change his mind.”–Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics George Mason University”Gregg Jackson destroys liberal lies using the one weapon they can’t handle–the truth” –Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President, BOND; Author, “SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America””This book is a must have for young Reaganites! Gregg Jackson arms college students with the intellectual ammo they need to defeat the liberal left on campus, in their communities, and in life.” –Amanda K. Hydro, Executive Director, College Republican National Committee”Gregg Jackson provides every conservative with the ammunition they need to defeat virtually every liberal argument every time.” -Grover Norquist-President of Americans for Tax Reform “Gregg Jackson’s book performs a public service and provides a valuable resource—helping to clear away the fog of misinformation, emotion and deliberate distortion surrounding many contemporary issues.”—Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Author of “Right Turns” “With insight and a passionate determination, Gregg has become the newest voice for the conservative movement. His book is a revelation!”— Michael Carminucci, author of “Gold-Plated Retirement”Not bad for a “self-published” book huh Dan?As far as the comment section goes, I was receving a ton of spam msotly from foreign countries and am resolving it now. If memory serves me correctly, it was you who didn’t post my last comment to your blog Dan.Take care my friend. And a word of advice. Let it go and have some fun this 4th of July.Be blessed.Gregg

  7. Dan Kennedy

    I am letting Gregg’s post go through for one reason: so that everyone can see that he claims to have sent out 200 review copies, but won’t send one to me.

  8. mike_b1

    I’ve been involved in the writing or editing of six books and in each case the publisher suggested the review quotes to the “reviewer.”

  9. Dan Kennedy

    And Mike, as you know, what Jackson cites aren’t “reviews” at all — they’re blurbs. I got some very nice ones thanks to the efforts of my agent and my publisher, but it’s not an arm’s-length transaction.

  10. Anonymous

    Dan, are you gonna worry about some wanna-be talk show host?The guy does a 3-hour graveyard shift on Sunday night.He apparently spends more time pretending to be an authority on something/anything…that his real estate business is going downhill fast.Would you buy from this man?And now he’s written a book? Self-published I assume….

  11. Anonymous

    No, Jackson didn’t “trash” you in any way. he only said the following:”so-called journalist””weak rant””You talk a big game, but when push comes to shove you call on somebody else to fight for you.””you don’t like it when you are made to look foolish in front of your readers””get so apoplectic.””This is the epitome of liberal laziness and incompetence when it comes to intellectual debate and discourse. Instead of elevating their points and central argument, they raise their voices like a bunch of petulant school children”Now there’s a level of debate to be proud of. also, a guy who tosses his blurbs around from like-thinkers is really a class act.

  12. metallicaMobes

    Man, seriously, does this guy know what a d-bag he’s making himself look like here?Holy Frijoles Amigo! Take it easy, this coming from a conservative who disagrees with Dan 99.99% of the time.You don’t win arguments by posting your life story on comment sections of blogs.Geez, this is 5th grade stuff here, honestly.

  13. Neil

    Comments on recent entries are still disabled on Jackson’s so-called blog. It’s been more than a week. Meanwhile comments are enabled for other entries (eg April 6). The blog has only existed since March, and with two exceptions consists only of various “Liberal Lies of the Day”. I guess the book is simply a collection of these blog entries or, the blog contains the rough drafts or perhaps final versions of the chapters in the book.In other words the blog is the book, and the book is the blog. The exceptions being the “how to win a debate with a liberal” about Dan, and one containing Sowell’s blurb. Comments are disabled on both. In every entry I looked at that contained comments before they were disabled, the last comment is by “Last Word” Jackson.So, with comments disabled and most of its entries only drafts of book chapters, is it a blog? It’s an example of what I mentioned weeks ago–just a web site that gets updated once in a while, that somehow gets credit for being a blog. There’s no interaction. (I cling to the cranky assertion that “blog” should refer only to a site that’s different in some functional respect from a plain web site.) Writers who aspire to contribute to the public discourse these days have to have a blog, or at least the appearance of a blog. But a real blog that risks interaction with other than the faithful is not for everyone.In my dream world, labels would be out of order in debate. You don’t get to argue against a “liberal” strawman. Argue your merits on a specific topic, and against the views held by an individual who can and will respond. As soon as you go off about the “lies” of {group X} you’ve entered the realm of ranto-tainment which is fine, just don’t expect to be taken seriously. (The more shit Ann C talks and the shorter her dresses get, the better the ratings. Fair enough!)The label “liberal” is an ill fit on Dan. It would never have occurred to me to consider him a liberal. He’s an independent thinker. No need for a label.Don’t apply the lazy broad brush. Argue from your merits rather than from the “lies” of those with whom you disagree. Unless of course your aim is showbiz in which case, you better look good in a black miniskirt or I’m not interested–that shtick’s taken.

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