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Papi again

How does David Ortiz do it? Why does anyone pitch to him when the game’s on the line — even with Manny on deck? Unbelievable.

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  1. Boomer

    Dramatic stuff. Big Papi has 7 walkoffs as a Sock, but I think that he lags quite a few in game winning hits.

  2. Anonymous

    Why does anyone pitch to him when the game’s on the line — even with Manny on deck? Unbelievable.A good question, Dan, and something to remember next time the Sox inevitably attempt to trade Manny for Buddy Biancalana and a half-dozen bats.

  3. mike_b1

    ??? That happened when, exactly?

  4. Anonymous

    no mike, they didn’t literally attempt to trade him for Buddy Biancalana. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse you. But they did try to ship him out of town for Aubrey Huff last year. Yes mike, there was more to it than that. Calm down already.

  5. mike_b1

    All I found was this Globe story that said the deals were insufficient. Some GM making a crap offer to Boston is a lot different than the Red Sox trying to trade Manny for Aubrey Huff.“Is this how we drew it up?” deadpanned Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein, who had spent many hours in the previous three days working the phones on various trade scenarios with the New York Mets, before ultimately deciding that no offer made by the Mets, either by themselves or in a proposed three-way deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, was sufficient to part with Ramirez.Why do you keep making stuff up?

  6. cb

    papi does it again on monday!

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