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Back to Ohio

Blogger just ate a longer post on this subject, so I’ll make it short. I just finished reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Rolling Stone article in which he argues that the 2004 presidential election in Ohio — and, thus, the nation — was stolen. Bobby’s kid is unlikely to be taken seriously, but his monumental research, a lot of it based on earlier work by Mark Crispin Miller and U.S. Rep. John Conyers, seems irrefutable. So why aren’t the New York Times and the Washington Post all over this?

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  1. another face at zanzibar

    Dan,Looks like a good read.Christopher Hitchens, no Kerry supporter, wrote about this in Vanity Fair in March of 2005.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, what kind of “progressives” are they? It’s not like it was Chicago in 1960 or anything…..

  3. Bren

    Dan, Probably because Kennedy’s article has already been debunked by Salon, definitely not a member of the vast right wing etc….See:– Bren

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Bren — I’m unimpressed. Too much of Salon’s debunking consists of “well, yes, there were problems, but they didn’t mean anything.” This is worth the Times and/or the Post putting some resources into it.

  5. Norwegianity

    One reason, and not a good one, is that most of Kennedy’s article builds on the work done by Bev Harris and other activists who have already published their findings online time and again.More to the point, why isn’t big media paying any attention to BradBlog’s claims that Bilbray’s election “win” in San Diego was rigged? This story is just emerging and all the familiar Diebold hacked stories are surfacing already, and apparently are based on genuinely suspicious circumstances.Republican shennanigans have gravely undermined voter confidence in our elections, and should be a source of great concern to the major media who, inexplicably, continue to largely ignore this ongoing story.

  6. Diane

    Also, Salon’s debunking was undebunked (is that a word?) here:

  7. Stella

    Let’s not overlook the fact that for those august newspapers to do so would require their refutation of the ostrich position favored (and some backbone). The fault lies not in our stars…

  8. Don

    Except for you Dan, I don’t believe anything a Kennedy says.

  9. Dan Kennedy

    Hatlo — Not even Kevin Kennedy?

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