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Coulter cracks up

Sorry for the late hit, but I’m accustomed to ignoring Ann Coulter. But watch this, and ask yourself why anyone ever invites her to appear anywhere.

Michael Graham reproves his worthlessness here.

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Whose religion?


  1. metallicaMobes

    Yeah, she gives us conservatives a real great reputation… Thanks a bunch Ann…And am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s “smoking hot”- more like smoking-anorexic wraith.Why she thinks shes doing conservatives a favor by unecessarily lashing out is beyond me. Even if there is a small point buried deep within her tirades, it’s all lost in the sensationalist bull**** she constantly spews.Prediction: she will be single forever. Something tells me she’s not exactly wife material.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree Dan. As soon as Lauer asks her a mildly tough question, she says “You’re getting testy.”I’ve seen scattered reports online, like Mr. M above, that she’s just over the top in the eyes of some conservatives. But people keep buying her books.

  3. Anonymous

    Metal, reread that final comment of yours. Does that not strike you as exactly the kind of thing Coulter would say?

  4. metallicaMobes

    Anony 9:46, if you want to make comparisons between Coulter and myself, perhaps you should first take into account a few elephants in the room:A) I am not on national television or any sort of formal media outlet chatting with Matt. I am on the comment section of a blog- a fine blog- but a blog nonethelessB) I am not out looking for anyone to buy a book, shamelessly posturing, and self-promoting for monetary gain and fame.And if I were Coulter, maybe I would’ve thrown in a STD comment or questioned her femalehood or some other nonesense. I am merely sick of her getting to constantly throwing her ridiculous public and widely seen statements and being labeled as a “conservative leader” when in fact she is a walking and talking tabloid who votes Republican. Big difference.

  5. Ken D.

    If Ann Coulter is not over the top in terms of what should be the standards of reasonably civil political discourse, then there is no top. And for many years Republican have not just been buying her books but routinely pay her lavish sums to appear at their meetings. There is no liberal or Democratic equivalent. She is a one-woman refutation of the canard that the coarsening of political discourse in our times is bi-partisan in roughly equal measure. Perhaps the limited comeuppance she appears to be getting means that an important corner is finally in sight.

  6. MeTheSheeple

    Anon 9:33, Lauer never even got to ask the question. She interrupted.It’s nice to see a critic advocating freedom to criticize … and then clobbering someone who might possibly ask a critical question of said critic.

  7. LaReinaCobre

    *watched the video*Yeeeaaah. It’s interesting that Ann Coulter wrote a book about liberals called Godless, but there is absolutely nothing about her that even hints to me that God has anything to do with her or her with God.And anyway, I stopped taking anything she said seriously after she proposed (post 9/11) that all Muslims in the US be DEPORTED or forcibly converted to Chrsitianity. Yes, she did write this in a column.

  8. Anonymous

    Wait, isn’t Coulter supposed to be in legal trouble? Something about voter fraud? If I’m remembering correctly, shouldn’t that come up whenever she’s interviewed?

  9. Anonymous

    Answered my own question: Published: June 02, 2006 5:30 PM ETNEW YORK Universal Press Syndicate columnist Ann Coulter has hired a White House-connected law firm to defend herself against allegations that she voted illegally in a Palm Beach, Fla., election, reported Palm Beach Post columnist Jose Lambiet Friday . . .”Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson gave Coulter until April 30 to explain what happened, but she has yet to answer his registered letters. Now with Jimenez, [Deputy Elections Chief Charmaine] Kelly said, officials will wait ‘a few more weeks’ before starting a procedure that could strip Coulter of her right to vote here and refer the case to State Attorney Barry Krischer for possible prosecution.”

  10. Anonymous

    Coulter’s possible legal trouble was brought up, oddly enough, on Hannity and Colmes either later that day or the next day. Of course, after Colmes got a shot to get her to say something about it (she wouldn’t), Hannity swooped in and filled the rest of the time up talking with Ann about how they’re both deeply religious.

  11. metallicaMobes

    Whoa whoa whoa, Ken D.- “there is no Democratic equivalent”?A liberal equivalent of a shrill and brass-knuckled, irreverant, disrespectful, attack-dog Ann Coulter?Nah, none at all in the left.Nope.Not Soros, not Moore, not Dr. YEEEEAARRRGGGH- who has an impressive laundry list of phrases that could be deemed Coulteresque.But not to defend her or anything, I can’t stand her. Please just don’t purport that the left is somehow immune to the crazies, because that is, in the words of Bill O’Reilly, completely ridiculous. (now I’m gonna catch flak for watching O’Reilly… I swear I watch Blitzer too)

  12. Anonymous has a piece up, reporting that her “church” isn’t familiar with her. Anyway, she won’t be lacking for interviews. But why would talk hosts at WBZ say Bo.Latin guy Richard Clarke isn’t welcome, but that station has had Coulter on and has devoted hours of discussion time to her?

  13. Anonymous

    I have to share this:‘Coulter launches campaign against orphans, puppies’.

  14. MeTheSheeple

    Metallicamobes, after reading your commentsI skimmed WikiQuote for quotes by Soros, Moore and Dean. I saw nothing in the extreme that came close to matching the average vitriol of Coulter. Maybe it’s my interpretation, but I’d encourage you to look for yourself.WikiQuote may be part of a liberal media conspiracy in its current incarnation. Feel free to submit verified quotes by said Democrats to round out the entries, if you so desire.

  15. Jen

    One thing I can say about Ann Coultier, she has a brilliant mind-yes, she says things that make all self-respecting Americans want to hide their face in the sand- but that doesn’t dispute the fact that the woman is highly intelligent. Case in point, her new book came out 6-6-06. Great publicity for her book. I predict it will become a national bestseller simply because of her tirades.

  16. Anonymous

    Yeah. I think Metallicamobes is a little confused. It’s not extreme for Moore to call the president a liar and a criminal, when in fact, the president really is a liar, and is breaking laws left and right.Coulter, on the other hand, is insane.

  17. Steve

    Mo -What has Dean said that is comparable to the filth that Coulter spews on a regular basis?Where is George Soros invited as a regular commentator? Or, for that matter, Michael Moore?

  18. resonate1

    Coulter isn’t interested in doing anything for Conservatives or anyone else. She’s interested in getting attention and therefore selling books and making money. The fact that someone who makes such ridiculous statements over and over again and is still able to get appearances on most every major cable television show and in this case even the Today show is a testament to her media guile. News outlets put her on TV because she says outrageous things. She says outrageous things because that’s what gets her on TV. How many thoughtful people with intelligent ideas who may have a book to sell will never even get a large scale radio appearance, forget the Today Show. Coulter knows how to play the media game and how to play us. She may sound nuts, but I think she’s anything but.

  19. Anonymous

    Anon 4:01,Thanks, I have all the spyware I need already. Nice ripoff of ABC though…

  20. Don

    OK, anonymous, when you praise that piece of garbage, Michael Moore, and accuse the President of the United States of lying, I’m glad I don’t know who you are. Why don’t you just bugger off?

  21. Bill Baar

    Moore and Coulter are selling stuff.They’re serious purveyors, not serious thinkers…I ignore both although Coulter certainly easier on the eyes then Moore.

  22. Anonymous

    hatlo, I didn’t praise Moore. I just said he is not a liberal counterpart to Coulter. And if you don’t understand that president Bush is an inveterate liar, I feel sorry for you. Even reasonable conservatives acknowledge they can’t trust him.

  23. Dan Kennedy

    The liberal equivalent of Coulter? There isn’t one. You can search high and low, and you won’t find anyone on the left who lies and slanders the way Coulter does and who enjoys mainstream respectability. Michael Moore? Come on. The guy is well within the range of sane (if harsh and sometimes factually shaky) political discourse. You’d almost need to hold up someone like Ward Churchill, whom no one would have even heard of if he weren’t regularly propped up by the right as an alleged example of the things liberals say. Or Noam Chomsky, who’s not exactly getting invites to mix it up with Matt Lauer on the “Today” show.

  24. Anonymous

    Think Progress now has a piece on Mary Matlin sticking up for Coulter on Imus yesterday. Beyond belief.

  25. Don

    It seems the world is chock-full of people with flawed thinking. What have we come to? Can this bode well for the future of humanity? Let’s face it, Iraq HAD a plethora of weapons, and the whole world was misled into believing they were looking for fissionable material, and the UN wouldn’t act, so President Bush went in. When we arrived, the weapons had been hidden (underground or in the mountains), transported to some adjacent country, or sold. They still exist somewhere. The President did not lie.Sorry anonymous, I had a moment of patriotism; I ahouldn’t have been rude.

  26. Anonymous

    You’re still being rude. Don’t confuse flag waving with patriotism. I’m a patriotic American and I resent the lies that have sent hundreds of thousands of US soldiers into harm’s way.

  27. Ken D.

    What Ann Coulter does or says doesn’t interest or concern me much. What concerns me is that a wide swath of Republicans embrace her slander and viciousness, and virtually all of the rest at least tolerate it. When have you heard a Republican speak up for ostracizing her? Her major achievement, such as it is, is to lay bare the ugly soul of today’s Republican Party.

  28. Don

    Perhaps you would rather wait for the enemy to come here!

  29. mike_b1

    hatlo wrote: “Let’s face it, Iraq HAD a plethora of weapons, and the whole world was misled into believing they were looking for fissionable material …”You left out … “misled by the Bush Administration.”It’s one thing to be a patriot. It’s quite another to knowingly deceive the American public in order to get the man who took a shot at your daddy.Feel any safer today? I don’t.

  30. Don

    Dear mike-b1 (who doesn’t post), I thought I made it clear. The whole world was deceived, including our allies and those countries we thought were our allies. Only politicians who are dying to get elected continue to try to convince people that President Bush lied. You aren’t a politician, are you?

  31. mike_b1

    No, I’m not. I’m just a guy who recognizes that Bush knew Iraq didn’t have WMD and lied to the American people in order to get “his war.”

  32. Anonymous

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because she is so annoying. I’m a pro-Bush righty, but I’ve always thought that she really sucks. And she’s not even that hot, either.

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