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Well, that was quick

It’s all over for Peter Damon, who once stood next to Ted Kennedy as the senator delivered an anti-war message — a message that, by all appearances, he agreed with at the time. Thanks to Dan.

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Suing Michael Moore


The $85 million question


  1. Anonymous

    You wish. Let’s hear what Damon has to say.

  2. Anonymous

    Damon has the right to change his mind. Even if it’s a complete 180. He presents a compelling appearance so if he gets enough air time his team can press for a settlement. Clearly,he is deserving of 7 figures: maybe even eight!

  3. Specks

    From the onset it had the aroma of just another grasp for cash.

  4. whispers

    Let me see what the argument remaining for Damon would be…even if he had in the past participated in an anti-war rally, andeven if Moore’s usage of the NBC news clip would be considered “fair use”, andeven if the clip was provided without Moore doctoring it at all, andeven if Moore didn’t actually lie about what Damon said,…Damon is owed $75 million because Michael Moore is a big fat liberal.I’m sure that the Republican party, which prides itself as being the party opposed to frivolous lawsuits, will immediately make a clear, loud public statement decrying this waste of the judicial system’s time.

  5. mike_b1

    I’m sure Mr. Damon would have made at least — at least! — $75 million throughout the remainder of his career. Oh wait, I thought we were talking about Johnny Damon.Carry on.

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