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Remember, this is all about $14.95

Someone who is or claims to be the wife of the guy who registered the domain name posts a long, long note to Universal Hub. Here’s my earlier item, which has all the relevant links. Commenters seem unimpressed, given that the Christy Mihos campaign has been accused of threatening Hub Politics, the blog where this all started.

With Media Nation’s unerring sense of finding the most trivial aspect of a trivial item, I am pleased to report that this defender of Mihos’ honor confirms my earlier hunch that did not mirror the official site but, rather, merely forwarded people to it.

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  1. Bren

    Dan….Severely off topic and I apologize in advance…Just out of curiosity, what does it take for a local news story to warrant a mention in your blog? It’s been more than a week since Congressman Kennedy’s traffic accident in DC, an issue that’s been covered extensively in both the local and national news media. In addition to the whole Kennedy mystique, there’s also controversy about what was said at the accident scene, did he get preferential treatment by getting a ride home without a sobriety test, so forth and so on. There’s also been questions as to the level and detail of the news coverage. Yet… no mention in your blog. Lack of interest on your part? A lack of newsworthiness? But… and not to be snarky, I do seem to recall at least eight or nine postings from you during the Cheney shooting saga last February… wouldn’t something that has such a local media interest — i.e., a Kennedy traffic accident — deserve at least a mention on your part?Thanks for reading this, and for whatever answer you provide.– Bren

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Bren –In keeping with the weather, there’s a torrent gushing my way and I’ve got nothing but a tiny little bucket. So I obviously let a lot of things go.You have correctly sensed that I couldn’t care less about Patrick Kennedy. I would suggest to you that there is nothing about his case that we don’t already know. He was drunk and/or high on drugs. He nearly killed a police officer. He is a recidivist. He is — how to put this? — not very bright. He received preferential treatment. But whatever attempt there was at a cover-up pretty much dissolved within 24 hours. That takes the steam out of a story very quickly.I continue to think the Dick Cheney story is pretty interesting, mainly because the cover-up held — unless you think there’s any realistic chance that he wasn’t three sheets (at least!) to the wind. Also, we’re talking about the most powerful man in the country versus a no-account congressman who couldn’t get elected to a city council if he weren’t a Kennedy. (Given my name, I supposed I should say if he weren’t one of those Kennedys.)

  3. Steve

    One thing about the Patrick Kennedy* incident – the claim:”He received preferential treatment”.I’ve got to ask – compared to what? (Or in this case, whom?) Compared to you and me? Certainly. But compared to any other Congressman in Washington (or other high elected official – take that as you will)? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so.There are people who obsess about the “special treatment” the Kennedy* family gets. But claiming this is Kennedy* family special treatment, and not High Washington Official special treatment is just incorrect, I believe.And I think the situation is very different when you’re talking about the VPOTUS instead of a congressman. And not even a Mass. congressman at that.* “Kennedy*” here refers to close relatives of President JFK, not ordinary, run-of-the-mill, common Kennedys like Dan. 🙂

  4. Bren

    Dan,Fair enough. Thanks for your considerate reply.And, after all, it *is* your blog…. Thanks again,Bren

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Steve –How about … compared to Cynthia McKinney?

  6. Steve

    I’m not completely sure of the facts of the McKinney incident. I think the treatment of Kennedy and McKinney was just about equal, but I might be convinced otherwise. I think they both got off easy – either you or I would certainly have been detained; neither McKinney nor Kennedy were.The cases are different in some important respects, but let’s try to compare them. Is bypassing a security checkpoint in the Capitol building without properly displayed ID more serious than drunk (or equivalently impaired) driving at 2 AM? I’d say they’re of comparable severity (at least in the eyes of the officer on duty). Was McKinney more beligerent towards the officer than Kennedy? I think so, but let’s say not by much.Certainly in one important respect Congresspeople ARE different than you or I – the Constitution gives them immunity from detention if they’re on the way to a session, except in certain cases (treason, felony, breach of the peace). McKinney was on her way to a session. Kennedy believed he was (at least I think that’s how he tells it).The Cheney case *is* different in one important respect – Cheney was able to forestall the involvement of law enforcement for a significant amount of time – enough to cover up impariment, if there was impairment. I think Cheney’s accident is comparable to Kennedy’s if Cheney was impaired, but he got off easier than either Kennedy or McKinney.

  7. Ernie Boch III

    Bottom Line – Mihos is amateur hour

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