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Jurkowitz is D.C.-bound

As many of you may already know, Mark Jurkowitz of the Boston Phoenix — my predecessor and successor as the paper’s media critic — is leaving to take a job as associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. I spent most of the day at a conference and only learned about this late in the afternoon.

This is a huge blow not just for the Phoenix but for Boston. I’ll write more about this tomorrow. Meanwhile, read the Phoenix’s press release on Mark’s departure, and the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s announcement.

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s too bad for Boston, but he’s been mailing it in, literally, ever since he got to the Phoenix. Now if only we can get Tom Mashberg to replace him.

  2. D. Sands

    Perhaps, you, DK will replace him as our ace media critic?

  3. RIP Lefty Sprocket

    Not surprising that the paper spelled O’Brian’s name wrong, although they managed to get it right when MJ rejoined in May, 2005.What’s needed, of course, is a true critic. One who recognizes, for example, that Keller is a fraud and maybe is skeleton-free enough to take on the most offensive of Boston journalism, the inside track.

  4. Anonymous

    Given the substantial content and thoughtful writing in this particular blog, it’s hard to really care that MJ is leaving. I’m sorry to say I agree completely with the first poster here – for whatever reason, MJ has simply been mailing in since returning to the Phoenix. Hope this move will bring out the deeper and more critical thinking we used to expect from him.

  5. Mitch

    Mark has written at least a few blockbusters during his second stint at the Phoenix — his analysis of the post-Theo fallout last fall springs to mind — but the Phoenix has a way of bringing in talented writers in every area of their coverage. Maybe it’s time to go younger, though?

  6. Anonymous

    Mitch, sorry, but I thought that particular piece was completely lacking in substance and deapth. That column was absolutely mailed in. And he mostly spared Shaughnessy, who really deserved a sharp rebuke from someone in the media with an authoritative voice.[Same Anon. as at 9:49.]

  7. Aaron Read

    Ehh, Mark’s a Yankee fan anyways. 🙂

  8. Steve

    Seems like everyone’s a media critic critic.

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