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Patrick’s day

Chris Gabrieli was obviously furious with Tom Reilly after Reilly dumped him as his running mate in favor of one-day wonder Marie St. Fleur. But I couldn’t quite understand why Gabrieli would respond by jumping into the governor’s race. Wouldn’t Gabrieli only wind up hurting fellow outsider Patrick and helping Reilly?

Now I get it. WBZ-TV (Channel 4) is reporting poll results showing that Patrick has zoomed from 10 points behind Reilly to three points ahead in the past month — and that Gabrieli’s the reason, as he’s hurting Reilly a lot more than Patrick.

The race is starting to get interesting. The first Democratic debate featuring all three candidates will be held on Channel 4 on Sunday, April 23, at 8:30 a.m. (Ugh.) But now moderator Jon Keller writes that it will be rebroadcast on April 24 at 7 p.m., when it is sure to generate much bigger numbers.

Looks like Adam Reilly is thinking about this, too.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Now I get it.”You get what exactly???That Reilly is toast? The whole world has known that ever since the Saint-Fleur fiasco. Not so much her woes, which are not that uncommon in the sad world of politics, but his miserable handling of it. He minimized its impact and the voters in turn minimized him in their favorites’ list.It is that simple.I am hesitant to ascribe Reilly’s fall to Gabrieli’s name being added. Anyone in the field of candidates would have surged against a moribond Reilly. Gabrielly is registering higher than I anticipated in such a short span and he has a much better shot in my book than a bureacrat, lawyer-financed devoid-of-new-ideas Deval.Deval at this point is the favorite by default in a race that is far from over.Gabrieli’s can-do business success profile is a major plus for an electorate that has rejected Dem candidates profiles like Reilly’s and Deval’s and O’brien’s and even good guy Harshbarger’s many times over in favor of regular guy, proven business self-made srappier guys who seem to feel the regular guys pain more than an insulated elitist Democrat party hacks, to my consternation. I would love for the Dem party to inject life in its ranks and reinvent in this state, but I don’t see it hapening right now.My candidate would be a Joe Kennedy. He is a great compassionate man that does not need the fame nor money, but he sincerely cares about doing the right thing.I just think he doesn’t want to lower himself to party politics muck and be a punching bag due to his last name. (save all the jokes there)I am curious to see how Gabrieli handles Deval int he debate? Does he go soft and play the civil, more mature candidate that is confident things will turn his way or does he go after him more directly and aggressively trying to take him down with vexing questions given the shorter span he has to do it to be a front-runner???Reilly is toast and he is not known to be a great nimble astute public speaker, as well-intentioned as he is. So this debate most likely won’t help him; he won’t perform excellent as he he needs to. The patronage charges coming his way are not making his life any easier. Trying to find a good answer for why he gave a pass to BigDig reimbursment actions is alone a big headache in preperation for the big dance on April 23rd.My bet is on Gabrieli and Deval being on the same ticket, Gov and Lt Gov, they’d have a really strong shot at the Nov victory. Taking jabs at each other will only weaken them both and the party’s chances.With Mihos dividing the right’s votes, it would stand to reason to save money and punches and take advantage of the field with a unified Gabrieli-Deval ticket. Especially if Chris catcheds up with Patrick in polls, I wouldn’t dismiss that.But then again, do we still have honest commensense-driven people that want the best for the ‘populace’ or we have self-adoring fame-seeking divas that look no further than themselves in a Governor’s Portait in some gallery on Beacon Hill and pay less attention to what is really at stake here and what the State needs DONE, not talked about…DONE.N.

  2. mike_b1

    That Reilly is toast? The whole world has known that ever since the Saint-Fleur fiasco. There must be at least 5 people in the state who know who Saint-Fleur is, let alone remember that she spent about 15 seconds as the would be Lt Gov nominee.

  3. o-fish-l

    DanGetting back to a January 2005 post on this blog, is it the Democrat party or the Democratic party? Many of us who are not members of the Democrat party find it’s labeling as the “Democratic” party offensive. Also you seem to have overlooked (or intentionally omitted) the signifcance of Reilly’s phone call to D.A. John Conte asking to hide the results of the blood-alcohol record of that drunken driver (and daughter of a campaign donor)who tragically killed herself and her sister, and seriously injured a non-family member riding in the backseat. After the scandal, Conte was forced to call it a career while Reilly maintained a smug “James Michael Curley’esque ‘I did it for a friend'” posture. While the ultra-liberal Patrick would be an out and out disaster for the commonwealth, his emergence ahead of Reilly in the latest polls may be just enough to propel Muffy Healey or Mihos into the corner office. Let’s hope that Patrick hasn’t peaked too soon.

  4. Anonymous

    Then you should have listened to Garbieli on the radio about an hour ago on RKO.You’d have a different opinion. You wouldn’t think of Patrick as the default winner here.He was very articulate and more likeale than expected and spoke a tone that goes down very well with middle class voters, normal joe shmoes and listeners noted that repeatedly.If this is an indication of April23rd debate, he would rise above very easily. He refused to criticize Reilly or Patrick and batted down Senator Scott Brown very easily, comfortably and in gentlemanly fashion. Very effective. I hope he stays away from making jokes. He didn’t sound too funny. Choose one joke and say it for the debate, strategically but cut down on that funny bone crap, Chris please. It hurts more than helps at this point.The very honest people at RKO (insert jokes here) are going to have a field day with that “coprprate culture” Soprano joke for while. Not a big deal but no need to give them free material.N.

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