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Very ugly already

Media Nation reader J.F. passes along this astounding comment (via Andrew Sullivan) about Jill Carroll from alleged Imus funnyman Bernard McGuirk, best known for telling racist jokes:

She strikes me as the kind of woman who would wear one of those suicide vests. You know, walk into the, try and sneak into the Green Zone … She cooked with them, lived with them … She may be carrying Habib’s baby at this point.

McGuirk said this yesterday. So never mind my comment that this is going to get very ugly very quickly. It already has.

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  1. Anonymous

    ThinkProgress has the tape of this – scroll down to yesterday’s posts.

  2. Anonymous

    Jerry Williams used to say: “They’re out there.”

  3. Anonymous

    The “tape” from ThinkProgress refers to “Steve” McCord, (it’s Charles) and Imus saying “gosh”, (my recollection differs). This quickly devolved into people hearing what they wanted to hear, without benefit of irony or context. You may disagree with Imus, (I detest the guy), but dishonesty about their mysoginistic ribbing isn’t productive.

  4. Anonymous

    * The show is what it is. What was said in parody is less offensive than remarks by some on the right which practically wish for hostages to be executed if they don’t have the correct leanings. * Some $$$ changed hands,though I have no idea who paid. * There is a feeling out there that Jill was betrayed by someone close to her. * This could get ugly on several levels. * I think Jill honest: good luck to her and I hope she makes good decisions with her future.

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