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More trash talk

The Christian Science Monitor now reports:

The night before journalist Jill Carroll’s release, her captors said they had one final demand as the price of her freedom: She would have to make a video praising her captors and attacking the United States, according to Jim Carroll.

In a long phone conversation with his daughter on Friday, Mr. Carroll says that Jill was “under her captor’s control.”

Ms. Carroll had been their captive for three months and even the smallest details of her life — what she ate and when, what she wore, when she could speak — were at her captors’ whim. They had murdered her friend and colleague Allan Enwiya, “she had been taught to fear them,” he says. And before making one last video the day before her release, she was told that they had already killed another American hostage.

So what does Charles Johnson say from the risk-free comfort of Little Green Football Land? Check it out: “Note that all of these statements seem to come from the family, not from Carroll herself.” Good grief.

This AP snippet doesn’t quite jibe with the Monitor’s report, but it’s worth pondering as well:

Dr. David Wellish, a psychologist at the UCLA School of Medicine, said he had the impression Carroll was suffering from a psychological trauma known as “Stockholm syndrome,” a survival mechanism in which a hostage begins to empathize with his or her captors.

“Jill Carroll clearly went down the Stockholm syndrome spectrum part of the way,” he said, adding he thought it would take her “a few weeks to get over it and regain perspective.”

Look, folks. Jill Carroll was a hostage for 82 days. She knew her life was in danger every minute she was held captive. Let’s give her a couple of weeks to decompress and see what she’s got to say. All right, Chuck?

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  1. Steve

    I wonder whether LGF rates any attention any more. Charles has gotten more and more intolerant of any criticism whatsoever. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll redirect your attempts to link to him. When his comments were open to a general community, voices of reason were bullied, and voices of dissent were outright banned. Now the commenting community is closed into a nice little echo chamber, and what echoes around in the comments sections are often outright vile.I don’t see where his commentary is of any use, or deserving of any comment, unless it is for us to ponder the deep hatred that gets expressed in that community.Jill Carroll has more courage in her little pinkie than that lot. I wish her strength, peace of mind and a complete healing. One would think that any decent human being would wish her the same.

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