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Picture perfect

The Boston Herald has managed to squeeze a third front page out of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s less-than-polite gesture. Peter Smith, the freelance photographer who was on assignment for the Pilot, has let the Herald publish it.

Scalia’s fingers-under-the-chin salute is exactly how Herald reporter Laurel Sweet described it in her original Monday story. The question, for those of you who care, is whether or not it’s “obscene,” as Sweet reported. I think it’s been pretty well established that it isn’t. The Herald’s subhead: “Obscene? You be the judge.”

Correction: I originally, and mistakenly, wrote that the Herald had devoted four fronts to Scalia’s digits. In fact, the paper took Tuesday off.

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  1. Anonymous

    What’s obscene is that the Herald appears to have hired John DePetro as editor. What’s next, exploding ships in Havana Harbor? The Metro seems positively cerebral…

  2. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, Atrios is saying it is obsecene, that what Scalia did and said mean’s go get buggered.

  3. Steve

    According to the Herald, Peter Smith, the photographer who snapped Scalea’s gesture, has been fired by the Pilot.

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