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Card not in the cards

President Bush is so unpopular in Massachusetts that I can’t imagine former state legislator Andy Card, who just resigned as Bush’s chief of staff, would be considered anyone’s idea of a hot property anymore. Still, there was a time when Card’s name would come up whenever people got to talking about Republican gubernatorial candidates in Massachusetts.

Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix has already posted the question: “Card for governor?” Jon Keller of WBZ-TV (Channel 4) asks the same question, and provides an answer: “The speculation is already starting. Allow me to put a quick fork in it.” Elias at “The Chimes at Midnight” doubts that Card will get in, but imagines there will be enough buzz that Card will at least have to issue a denial (via Universal Hub).

Media Nation’s prediction: Card is going to receive a courtesy call from Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey by the end of the day, if he hasn’t gotten one already. And that’s as far as this is going.

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  1. Lex

    I read elsewhere, and now I forget where, that Card will be advising Romney’s (officially not-yet-existent) presidential campaign rather than seeking office himself, although there’s to be no announcement for a few months.I have no idea whether that’s true, but I think it’s more plausible than that Card might seek office himself in Mass.

  2. Anonymous

    I disagree, for a couple reasons. I must insist the Republicans have not won the the corner office since 1990. Rather, we Democrats have lost it. Having somehow found a way to lose to Weld, Celluci, and Romney, I’m confident we can figure out a way to lose to Card, too, should the opportunity present itself. And the Republicans know it.Also, because Jon Keller says no way. That means Card has probably already settled on a campaign manager.

  3. Mugwump

    Perhaps all are missing the target completely. How about Card v. Kennedy?Even the most ardent Dems shudder at EMK’s voluminous tank running out of fuel.

  4. Anonymous

    Mugwump – no way. Get real.

  5. Hooks

    This is likely the story that Lex is referring to:

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