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Correcting the “clarification”

Good grief. Read this (third item), about this.

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  1. neil

    Ha ha, amusing! Now all they need to do is issue another correction that the original clarification should have been a correction instead, as DK pointed out, and they’ll about have it covered.Also check out the correction after that, in which they admit to misidentifying Wini Noyes, but don’t say how. Did they claim he was president of Fedco Seeds rather than lowly seed grower? Did they label the third guy from the left Wini instead of the second guy? Is the guy in the picture really Wini’s uncle Tater? To go along with the O’Malley clarification that gets a correction, the ongoing Wini bungle seems like a correction that needs a clarification.

  2. Anonymous

    While I will admit the Globe appears to have rediscovered Eastern MA in the last few months, the institutional memory is gone.We will continue to see “d’oh!” moments as long as intelligent but clueless grads of prestigious colleges are put on the streets without mentoring. The David Nyhan’s of the world are getting more and more rare.

  3. D. Sands

    Now that…THAT is hilarious. Totally expecting a correction because I was led to believe that I was looking at the Cardinal. Grimy.

  4. Dan Zarrella

    good thing they have that ombudsman huh?

  5. Neil

    More from the Corrections to Corrections dept., Saturday’s Globe:Correction: Because of an editing error, a graphic in Sunday’s Business & Money section was incorrect in saying Clean Harbors Inc. posted a loss in the first quarter. Then, a correction Wednesday was incorrect in saying the company was forecasting a loss. Indeed addressing this epidemic of corrective incompetence looks like a job for none other than…Ombudsman-Man! Quickly chief, deploy the Ombudsman signal! We must lure him from his cave and to action, before the paper is ruined…

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