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Ivana Martini, too

Although I’d prefer an Ipswich Ale.

So — is the Boston Herald’s Ivana Martini (1) an actual person who writes only under that name; (2) a Herald writer who’s adopted that persona when he or she writes about fashion and related topics; or (3) a fake byline slapped on stories written by any number of people?

Send your tips, guesses and inside information to Media Nation at da {dot} kennedy {at} neu {dot} edu.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, talk about a string of slow news days…

  2. Anonymous

    It obviously ain’t No. 1.If you do a Google search, you can find days where Ivana is filled in for by her “cousin,” the even-more-cutesy “Anita Mojito.”That suggests to me that the answer is No. 2 — a nom de plume used by one particular writer.Although, I suppose if you’re ethically derelict enough to use *one* pseudonym in print, there’s nothing stopping you from using a whole mess of ’em, is there?(For the Heraldites who think posting anonymously is a form of ethical dereliction: Get over yourselves.)

  3. Anonymous

    As fascinating as this alleged news is, how about covering George Regan and the LNG tanker issue, (today’s Globe)? Current and former pols, current and former journos in the tank, “exploding fireball Armageddon if you disagree with me”, this would seem to be much juicier, no?

  4. Anonymous

    It’s Dan’s blog. He can cover what he wants.If you think that deserves more attention, start your own blog.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    I’m not sure why I’m responding, but I’m genuinely surprised that anyone would think that media trivia — even really trivial trivia — isn’t a worthy topic for a media-related blog that has just a handful of readers. If not here, where?

  6. Anonymous

    Point well taken, DK. I think he just meant that we can do more than discuss ONLY trivia, as your Friday post above ably demonstrates.

  7. MeTheSheeple

    I’d never noticed the Martini name. Good for a laugh, and interesting.Not everything everywhere has to be serious all the time. Besides, it’s possible for reporters themselves to get snared by a witty alias. Witness: many kids in one Illinois Institute of Technology frat had signed up for the Columbia discount record mail-order thingy (11 CDs for one penny!) that they had to quit delivering altogether: They couldn’t separate out the Buster Hymans from the Fred Smiths from …

  8. Brigid

    Count me in with the crowd that thinks a blog called “media nation” should be about the media. I read a bunch of political blogs as well, but I come here for media commentary.Actually, I come here because I like Dan’s writing, and anything he cares to blog about is OK by me.

  9. Anonymous

    Brigid, me too.

  10. Anonymous

    I did a quick search of public records. Ivana Martini came up empty.

  11. Anonymous

    I believe her real name is Ana Lotharius, as “Ana” appears in both her pseudonyms and there was this article she wrote which apparently included a picture of Ana Lotharius wearing a sweater to better effect than Melissa Rivers isn’t hard to believe if you’ve ever seen a picture of Ana!GH

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