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Trigger-happy hunter on the lam

So not only did Vice President Dick Cheney shoot a hunting buddy, but he apparently tried to cover it up, at least for a while. The Associated Press account includes this: “The vice president’s office did not disclose the accident until the day after it happened.”

This isn’t a matter of intent, obviously. It’s a matter of an out-of-control hunter blasting away at a quail and placing a 78-year-old fellow hunter in mortal danger. Is there anyone outside a small circle of elite politicians who could do this without getting taken into custody?

To ask the question is to answer it.

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  1. Geoff Green

    “Is there anyone outside a small circle of elite politicians who could do this without getting taken into custody?”Bobby Knight! He shot a fellow hunter in the back while out hunting several years back. He was cited for failing to report the incident and hunting without a license, but it’s not a major crime, apparently.

  2. Steve

    I don’t believe hunting accidents (at least those that don’t result in serious injury or death and don’t involve alcohol) are treated criminally. So I believe the answer to your question is “yes”.The interesting question for me is – if it had been John Kerry and not Dick Cheney, how would the right-wing talk shows have played it? How about the “mainstream media”? It would be a week-long story with wall-to-wall Matthews and Russert entertaining every right-wing whack job within reach.

  3. John Galt

    Know that this incident is mainstream G0P; especially from this inept administration.Personally I would like to see all of them blasting away at each other; it would be the most productive thing they could do for our nation, and the most courage any of them have ever exhibited.Meanwhile, not one GI has been killed, or maimed, or suffered the indignities of financial ruin defending the United States in Iraq. Indeed, as the gross and habitual failures, frauds, and deceits that are the trinity of the Republican party play out in the mid-east, those brave Americans inadvertently contribute to future ills.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Steve –It’s almost certainly not a criminal matter. I’m referring to the fact that Cheney wasn’t taken into custody and questioned to determine exactly what happened, but was instead apparently allowed to go about his non-merry way.

  5. mike_b1

    And he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

  6. Anonymous

    In Massachusetts, hunters have had to wear 200 sq inches of orange while hunting, since 1966. Since then, I believe there have been no hunting deaths in Mass. Of course, Cheney was in Texas, and we wouldn’t want to regulate hunters there, would we?

  7. Anonymous

    – Dick Cheney and Bobby Knight! Can *no one* be turned down for a hunting license?- Do we know if Cheney does in fact have license?- I agree with DK – It’s a serious issue that the vice president of the United States can just walk away after shooting someone in the face. No routine investigation from local authorities, no statement from the White House. I’m guessing if it were me, I’d quickly learn that failing to report to the police that I’d shot someone in the face is a crime.- Where are all the quail/Quayle jokes????

  8. Steve

    anon 12:34 (and Dan) – I objected the the word “custody”, though I guess if you are being questioned by local authorities, you are indeed “in custody” – so I concede the point. And in talking to hunters today I find that, yes, in the case of a hunting accident, you WILL be asked some questions (if you are not the VPOTUS, I suppose).- In Texas, I bet it’s very rare to be denied a hunting license. Cheney is very carefully NOT a resident of Texas, though. (He had to have Wyoming residence to run as VP with Texan GWB).- the quail/Quayle jokes were spotted on the Stephanie Miller show today. And also, strangely enough, on the Dennis & Callahan sports talk show (inserted by Meterparel, not made by the neanderthal rightwingers D&C).

  9. Anonymous

    I posted at 9:33. News reports state that Whittington and Cheney were wearing orange safety vests. If that’s true I retract my comments.

  10. Anonymous

    What I wanna know is, was Brian Whittemore wearing a flak jacket when he got whacked by WRKO?

  11. Anonymous

    You mean, like the senior senator from Massachusetts?

  12. o-fish-l

    SteveWho is “Meterparel?” DanIf it is not a criminal matter (and I agree, it’s not) and the “victim” merely looks like he has chicken pox, what’s the big deal? Am I missing something? I recall less zeal from the media when President Bill Clinton faced credible allegations of rape.

  13. o-fish-l

    DanOne last thought. Is this “out of control hunter blasting away” the same Vice President Cheney who a few weeks ago you implied may be suffering from “congestive heart failure” because he went up a size in his shoes? Your unbridled contempt for this good man serves only to marginalize all of your material.

  14. Specks

    What good man might that be? Evidently a portion of your post was dropped in submission.

  15. Steve

    o-fish-l – John Meterparel. He plays the plucky comic relief and sportsflash-boy for D&C.

  16. mike_b1

    After agreeing to Tax and Spend Bush’s$400 billion war on camel jockeys, it turns out the biggest threat to Americans is their own gun-toting VP.

  17. o-fish-l

    SteveThanks for the link to “Meter,” I actually listen fairly often to D&C so I knew who you meant. I was just being facetious since he gets no respect, ala Dangerfield. I hadn’t realized that WEEI made a long overdue update to their site. Thanks.

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