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Missing context found

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times today writes the paragraph he should have included in his Saturday report on Karl Rove’s speech to the Republican National Committee:

Democrats — and, though Mr. Rove made no mention of this Friday, some Republicans, too — have indeed challenged the administration for eavesdropping without obtaining warrants. They argue, among other points, that the White House is bypassing legal mechanisms established in 1978 that already allow law enforcement agencies to move rapidly to monitor communications that might involve terrorists. Yet it is difficult to think of a Democrat who has actually argued that it is not “in our national security interest” to track Qaeda calls to the United States, as Mr. Rove contested; he did not offer any examples of whom he had in mind.

Not a bad start.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan:Spent a few days in Kandahar (Come for the talibs, stay for the shrapnel) over the weekend and had the exquisite pleasure of watching Karl Rove cluck at the RNC — but dubbed in Arabic. Couldn’t help thinking that kinda talk could get him on a watch list.chiavelli

  2. Wes

    With the Washington Times and other pipelines seeing the chronic failures and swells of lies beginning to swamp the ship of state, the G0P ace in the hole of fear must be played early. The “I” word has appeared too often in too many party outlets.

  3. Anonymous

    As they say, fecal matter rolls downhill…from the White House and its needs…To the hamlet of Bellows Falls, Vt where the police chief will ask trustees put up security cameras on street corners.When Vermont’s contrary civil libertarians raised this issue in letters to the Brattleboro paper, the authorities said the safety of community was at stake.Soon, every public square will be like shopping at Wal-mart. A surveillance camera keeping an eye…

  4. Anonymous

    Reminds me of when you were a kid and got in a fight with another kid. Your mom made you apologize, and stood right behind you to make sure the words came out of your mouth. I can just picture Nagourney sitting there with an editor looking over his shoulder to make sure he typed out the graph. “Do I HAVE to?” “Yes, Adam. Now keep typing!”

  5. Lis Riba

    Nonsequitor, but you might appreciate this WaPost chat among editor Jim Brady and 3 bloggers.

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