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Calling the shots

Dan Shaughnessy, the Red Sox’ co-general manager:

[John] Henry and [Larry] Lucchino were in Phoenix yesterday at the owners’ meetings. I spoke with Henry late in the afternoon before he boarded a jet to fly home to Boston. I told him the same thing I had told him in December. I thought it looked as if he could not make a decision. I thought he should either fire Lucchino or tell Epstein to get lost.

Whatever happened to journalists who ask questions? Amazing.

Tony Massarotti’s take is worth reading, even if he doesn’t strut around barking orders at the Sox’ principal owner.

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  1. Mitch

    That same passage stood out to me, too. Shaughnessy has officially entered Skip Bayless territory at this point.

  2. Anonymous

    You mean you consider Dan Shaughnessy a “journalist”? Well there’s your first mistake…

  3. mike_b1

    What’s precious — and telling — is that in Chris Snow’s story today, he says Boston owner John Henry told him of Epstein’s imminent return yesterday morning — half a day before the self-styled King of all Red Sox Media found out.How’s it feel to be scooped by a rookie (again), Dan?

  4. Anonymous

    Shank Shaughnessy is possessed by a ravenous need to be part of the story rather than report it. He has become so infuriatingly unreadable that one wonders if this is the same writer who so brilliantly covered the Celtics of the 80s. His senior colleague Bob Ryan (no wallflower himself) could teach him a thing or two about humility.

  5. Anonymous

    Give him time. Ryan let his ego get the better of him and got dope-slapped a few years ago;it did him a world of good. Eventually, everyone taught by Jesuits learns to not be too “full of himself”…

  6. mike_b1

    Yeah. Now he’s just full of beer instead 🙂

  7. Paul

    Wait a minute, folks! Don’t be too hard on Dan — maybe he’s just the “Voice of the Part-Time Red Sox Owner,” the Boston Globe. After all don’t *all* the owners get input into team decisions?

  8. Anonymous

    If CHB wasn’t writing about himself he’d have nothing to write at all. If I’m globe management, I can CHB and hope the herald pick him up – just another nail in its financial coffin.

  9. Anonymous

    See, here’s the thing from my perspective:I didn’t read Shaughnessy today.I didn’t read the Globe today.I didn’t read the Globe before or after the Patriots playoff games either.There is nothing worth reading in the Globe sports page anymore.I can get the news from other news sources, whether it is the other local papers or any of the big online sites.If I want opinions, there are a ton of blogs with fresher opinions than the stale crap the Globe insists on shoving down our throats.You know what the Globe’s columnists are going to say every time out:Shaughnessy: The sky is falling in Red Sox nation!!!!Dupont: It is all Joe Thornton’s fault!!! Let me blow Mike O’Connell wet little kisses!!!Borges: The Patriots are the worst franchise in sports history!!!! I have no sources left since Will McDonough died!!! I can break every ethics rule in the book and my bosses will always look the other way, even if the rubes who buy the paper can figure it out!!!Seriously, why even bother? It has become as much of a schtick with these people as Gallagher and the watermelon. Who would pay to see that every day? And the only people whose opinions you might actually want to hear from, Ryan and MacMullan, never seem to be writing about whatever the pressing issue is on any day. (Or maybe they have too much integrity to play the Globe Red Sox pom-pom waving game. If so, good for them).Why even bother wasting your time with them anymore? People all over Boston are deciding they can do without the Globe and aren’t missing anything even slightly important from their lives.

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