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First thoughts on the mining disaster


Revisionist punditry


  1. mike_b1

    Good thing it didn’t rain today. My paper would have been 90 minutes late, just like it was Sunday, when the Globe gave its carriers extra time to deliver papers despite it being several hours after we got one whole inch of snow in the city.You want a story about why papers lose subscriptions, try looking into their lousy distribution practices. First rule of sales: have a product.

  2. Anonymous

    Just a thought…how many Americans, when polled in a year, will respond that the miners were actually SAVED? More or less than those who still think Sadamn had WMDs and 911 ties.Thanks MSM for keeping on top of things.

  3. Anonymous

    I give the Globe some credit for at least including “reportedly” in the headline, and for not playing the “miracle” card. Still, can’t help wishing they and many other papers had shown some restraint. Our Brookline edition was the fixed version.

  4. Anonymous

    The Globe was correct when its press rolled “reportedly found alive.” That was the story — and in precisely that context. The Herald went overboard and was dead wrong. The Herald is a disgrace journalism and proved it yet again, yet we still have right-wing wackos trying to discredit every fact CBS has ever reported on the basis of memos that were a sidelight to a story that was when reported, and remains, fundamentally correct.

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