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Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub takes notice of a fascinating development. The Boston Herald today reports that two men have been picked up for questioning in last week’s murder of four young men in Dorchester. And Boston police spokesman Thomas Sexton used the department blog to insist that the Herald is wrong. Sexton writes:

We urge our partners in the media not to be distracted by the “sources” who could potentially jeopardize such an important investigation with grossly inaccurate information. Such reporting is hurtful and irresponsible. It is particularly unfair to victims’ loved ones who are already devastated by this tragedy.

I don’t suppose we’ll know until tomorrow whether the Herald actually blew it, or if something else is going on. What’s interesting is that the police are discovering they can use technology just as effectively as the media can to get their message out.

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  1. adamg

    Also interesting: They’re posting transcripts of interviews between local reporters and police officials:See this

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