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Jeff Jarvis responds

Mr. Buzz Machine’s post is here. To which I say, “Jeff! No one is proposing to kill Dan Froomkin’s blog!” This isn’t about the future of journalism — it’s a truth-in-labeling dispute. Sheesh.

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  1. Anonymous

    There is an update from E&P that WaPo is sticking by its guns and is NOT going to change the name of the blog.I sort of like that move because they’d appear to be caving in to Republican pressure. It seems republicans have been quietly fueling this debate, again making a mountain out of a mole and trying to completely make it clear that even if it is named after the WH, it doesn’t contain WH reporting but only ‘hostile’ opinion, ie opinion they don’t like and would like tarnished.I say get a life. GOPers have bigger fish to fry and 300Million plus people to serve. This is PR micro-control at its saddest.Hey guys, you have to check this site; it is hillarious. I am not sure if he visited it before, but this is John Carroll material: it!N.

  2. Sven

    If it’s much ado about nothing, then why did the ombudsman take it up in the first place? The bigger question here (heh) is whether the Post political editor is a stooge or a dupe.

  3. Anonymous

    Reminds me of the Boston Dirt Dogs/Boston Globe/ debate. Bruce Allen covered it well on Boston Sports Media Watch:

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