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Sound and vision

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has posted a slide show about Army reservist Jessica Clements, who suffered a severe head injury while serving in Iraq. The narrator is none other than Clements herself. This is a deeply moving look at the war from the inside. (Thanks to Media Nation reader M.S.)


Jay who?


Silent scream

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  1. neil

    Wow what a plucky kid. Unlucky to be placed in harm’s way, then lucky to have access to the finest medical care in human history.The slide show ran a bit quickly for me–I wasn’t quite able to keep up with the narrative and read the captions at the same time. Also I would have liked to seen her story placed in a larger context, at least briefly. What was her role in Iraq?We don’t see enough of the toll this war has taken on our troops, or especially on the Iraqi population. How many similar stories are never told?

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