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Copy editor on the obit desk?

From the New York Observer:

It looks like Judith Miller won’t be returning to the New York Times newsroom Monday morning. Last week, the Times asked Miller to cut short her leave of absence and return to the paper Monday or Tuesday in an “unspecified editing” role, a source with knowledge of the situation said.

Making her edit? Cruel and unusual punishment, I’d say — both for Miller and for whoever’s unlucky enough to find him- or herself being edited by the wayward scribe.

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Patriot gamesmanship




  1. Anonymous

    In my experience, when everyone in a negotiation thinks they got screwed, it was probably fair. Miller and The Times deserve each other.

  2. Paul

    Judith Miller should be allowed back to work and assigned to write 1000 words on “Life inside a Ping Pong Ball” and when submits her copy for publishing it should be returned back to her with the comment “Not enough detail.” Maybe that will keep her busy enough to prevent her from running amok!

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