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While you’re mocking the Globe for its report yesterday that an Epstein deal was in the bag, you might want to take a look at this from one of its partners, Boston Dirt Dogs. It ran beneath a headline that read “Done Deal.”

Not that the Dogs have any inside information — they’re just feeding off the Globe story. But still.

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  1. Anonymous

    ‘Partners’ is kind of misleading, since he’s on the payroll and works next to the Globe sports desk. BDD is a part of whether they want to admit it or not.

  2. Bryan

    Steve Silva of the Boston Dirt Dogs works for, which is, essentially, the Boston Globe online.As a matter of fact, Silva unfortunately shares the same writing space as Globe writers such as Edes, Snow, and Cafardo.It’s too bad that the Globe and give Silva such a high profile. Dirt Dogs isn’t exactly a shining example of good journalism.

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