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Deselecting TimesSelect

After I posted a link I’d found to Maureen Dowd’s tough column on Judith Miller yesterday, I was told that the progressive Web site continues to post the full text of New York Times columns – the left-leaning ones, anyway.

Sure enough: Check out the right-hand column, headlined “Op-Editorials.” So much for TimesSelect. At the bottom of each piece is this: “In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.”

But that’s only part of the fair-use provision of copyright law. Generally speaking, you just can’t post entire articles, as the Free Republic discovered a few years ago. It seems significant that, whose mission is similar to TruthOut’s, has stopped carrying Times columns.

Still, until someone at the Times complains, it looks like TruthOut is a good place for bloggers seeking links to liberal Times columnists.

So what about Brooks and Tierney?

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  1. Rick in Duxbury

    All the animals are created equal. (Some are more equal than others.)

  2. Anonymous

    And what about Thomas Friedman? How I miss him…

  3. Anonymous

    Never Pay Retail posts links to NY TimesSelect columns:

  4. Anonymous

    Frankly guys, please pardon my critique here. I hate to post an observation on other posts, but can we get some more substantive posts; more than one incomplete sentence, maybe.Responding to a NYT subject, one poster brings up animal equality, one brings up a confused over-rated Friedman that will please her this week and offend her the next and the third is openly linking to a site that pilfers the NYT.Dan deserves more effort and better posts, doesn’t he???I am very conflicted about this Timeselect thing as I posted before that I just hate the whole concept and I hope/know it will fail. Money not being an issue, I’d still not pay them out of principle. But I am also not willing to encourage piracy. It’s their content and they chose to restrict it. There are many sites that will post the content and frankly those are just publicity stunts. Getting the NYT times to personally go after you to take it down is advertising money cannot buy for a hole in an -huge- internet wall and blogs benefit from interlinking as their click ratings go up and they rank better ===> make more money.I choose not to encourage the Times by not giving them another subscription but others should not encourage this act either.I don’t mind that when a very newsworthy column like MoDo’s get quoted in large chunks, but a whole reprint??? …ahhhh I don’t know about that.Look at it this way, how about someone posts your book Dan online for everyone to read without buying. How about Google do it for the ‘benefit’ of all. It’s a tight rope to walk and I won’t even reward those blogs with my advertising clicks.N.PS One good point by Friedman , to his admirer here. He said that it disapointed him to see other readers and students in Third world countries and Middle East coutnries like Egypt and Afghanistan and Pakistan that used to link up to an American take from a frequent international columnist and now can afford it at all.50 bucks is tons of money in other parts of the world.

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