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Cosmo v. Jurkowitz

The Herald business editor and the Phoenix media critic go at it. Read it here.


Mo on Miller


Coming attractions


  1. Anonymous

    I think Macero is correct that the Herald did nothing unseemly in tweaking the Globe over its circulation woes — at least nothing unseemly by the standards of the Herald and its tabloid breathren (the Herald story pales in comparison to the public sniping that goes on between the NY Post and Daily News). That said, I don’t think Mocero does himself or his paper any favors by stooping to post a snide, childish rebuttal on Jurkowitz’s blog. A bigger man would’ve just let it go – or at least objected in a more professional fashion. He is, after all, a Herald editor. Intelligent readers can judge for themselves the merits of Jurkowitz’s criticism. – James

  2. mike_b1

    Bigger than Cosmo? Egad!

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