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WRKO’s new morning show

WRKO Radio (AM 680) has announced the format of its new morning show, “Boston This Morning,” which will be helmed by current morning host Scott Allen Miller. From the sounds of this press release, it could be a step in the right direction, with more news, regular traffic updates (“Traffic on the Ones”) and a closer relationship with the Boston Herald.

It’s hardly revolutionary, and it still doesn’t explain why the station’s managers thought it necessary to part with Miller’s co-host, former congressman Peter Blute. Nevertheless, a newsier format should help ‘RKO carve out a different audience from that of sister station WEEI (AM 850), where frat-boy hosts Gerry Callahan and John Dennis rule the ratings roost with a mixture of sports, right-wing politics and execrable taste.

Overall, though, I think a wait-and-see attitude makes sense when it comes to WRKO. This afternoon, Howie Carr invited callers to play what I think he calls “Celebrity Death Watch,” in which people predict which well-known person will be next to die. Carr chortled that it was something the previous station managers – recently departed (in the employment sense, that is) – wouldn’t let him do. Well, good for them. And yes, I should disclose here that I was able to cash a few checks from WRKO thanks to their willingness to put me on the air.

If you’re hoping the new regime cares about quality, Carr’s sneering putdown of his former bosses’ half-hearted attempts to impose some standards wasn’t a good sign.

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  1. Anonymous

    Did the previous management regime also force Carr to get rid of the “David Scondras cough” when he read a gay-themed story?

  2. likejustradio

    3 of the 5 W’s please?This afternoon, Carr invited callers to play what I think he calls “Celebrity Death Watch,” in which people predict which well-known person will be next to die. Who: Carr assuming you mean Howie Carr of course, as there is no setup etc giving his full name.What: its called Celebrity Death Pool, arguably a little more descriptive as a contest. Kinda lightens it up a bit Donctha think?When: When did WRKO ‘former management’ leave? Do you have any links that would help fill in the details?Dan, I enjoy reading and listening to you, but you gotta practice the ‘good journalism’ standard that you constantly ‘tout’ (couldnt help choice of a word that you use a lot!)

  3. adamg

    Forget “tout.” Dan said “helmed” right in his lede! If he refers to senators as “solons,” I’m outta here :-).

  4. Dan Kennedy

    I just added “Howie.” Re: “helmed.” Good grief. That is a word we let slip into the Phoenix on occasion, and so I guess it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. But don’t worry: I promise, no “solons.”

  5. JT

    I’m just happy they didn’t replace Blute with Jay Diamond, the most obnoxious host in Boston radio.

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