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Someone got it wrong

“Now a Band That It Once Would Parody” – The New York Times, reviewing Green Day’s Sept. 1 concert at Giants Stadium

“Punk and Proud of It; Green Day Remains True to Its Roots” – The Boston Globe, reviewing Green Day’s Sept. 4 show in Foxborough

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Not mincing words


Assignment desk


  1. Anonymous

    Might the fact that Steve Morse of the Globe got canned have anything to do with their use of a “correspondent” with dubious results?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Steve Morse was in the Globe yesterday and reviewed the Rolling Stones last week. Unless I completely missed something, I think you’re confusing him with Jim Sullivan.

  3. Anonymous

    I was. My apologies.

  4. Anonymous

    They’re a pop band with great hooks. That’s good enough for me.

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