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Mona Lisa Roth

Chief Justice William Rehnquist is dead, and the tragedy in New Orleans and beyond continues. So pardon the trivial nature of this post. But if the New York Times is going to run a headline for a Philip Roth story that asks, “Why Is This Man Smiling?,” shouldn’t it find a photo of Roth, you know, smiling?

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Horsing around


Not mincing words


  1. Steve

    I think in order to REALLY blame the NYT, an existence proof is in order – is there, indeed, a picture of Philip Roth smiling?(Of course, they could have thought a bit more about the headline…)

  2. Anonymous

    Steve sure likes to respond to Kennedy’s media log. If he keeps it up, Kennedy’ll have to hire the guy.

  3. Steve

    Hey, anon, that’s a GREAT idea. But I have the suspicion that I’m already making as much income from Dan’s blog as he does.Maybe I should ask him to double my salary!

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