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Hungry for the truth

Say this for the mainstream media: you’re not going to see a lead sentence like the one Randall Robinson wrote today on his Huffington Post blog. Said Robinson, “It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive.”

“It is reported”? By whom? Lacking any other information, I can only assume that Robinson’s embrace of the passive is aimed at obscuring just how unfounded this really is. Certainly searching Google News for “hurricane eat corpses” yields nothing. I’m not saying Robinson made it up. I am saying he probably heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody.

I found a link to Robinson’s silly post on Drudge, who seems to be testing the bottom of his “80 percent accurate” guarantee.

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  1. Anonymous

    I haven’t taken Robinson seriously for years: I think it started when he told Charlie Rose he was uncomfortable being in his presence. Charlie Rose ? Anyway the Drudge headlines like this one, will keep showing up on the morning programs like Dennis and Callahan, who say nothing about the disaster and focus on the crime and reactive hyperbole.

  2. Anonymous

    Not taking Robinson seriously is one thing, having the cojones to call him out for the slug he is, quite another. Bush probably deserves to be impeached over this fiasco, but people whose hate of Bush exceeds their love of country are even less useful than Bush is. Lack of accountability on every single level of government is how these poor folks got into this fix in the first place.

  3. Anonymous

    This just in! Randall Robinson is an a*hole! Read all about it!Mike_B

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