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Mustard with that?, one of the Apple rumor sites being sued by Steve Jobs, has some fun with the New York Times’ story today on Apple’s supposedly imminent announcement of an iPod-capable cell phone. To wit:

THINKSECRET: The phone, the Times said, will allow users to “listen to the songs, presumably through headphones,” as opposed to listening to them through salami sandwiches, as originally presumed.

By the way, I’ve rediscovered Aaron Swartz’s New York Times Link Generator, which allows bloggers to create Times links that won’t expire. For some reason I had misplaced it. So if you don’t read this post for a couple of weeks, the link to the Times story should still work.

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  1. Michael

    Great tip for the NYT archive of articles. Unless you mind, think I’ll include it in my list of resources.Great work, Mr. Kennedy.Mike

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Mike — Well, sure, and thanks. I’m hardly the first person who discovered it.

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