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Hills to climb

This will be my last post for a while. Tomorrow, I leave for a five-day, 50-mile backpacking trip with my son’s Boy Scout troop along the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. My goal: sheer survival.

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  1. Paul

    Your goal shouldn’t be sheer survival — think of it as a means of communication between you and nature (and a wonderfull opportunity to bring back some great pictures!)

  2. Anonymous

    So you’re resting up for a hike by appearing on WGBH? I hope you enjoy the hike as much as I’m enjoying the debate.- Bill R

  3. Anonymous

    Hope you have/had fun Dan. I remember doing the entire Long Trail with our scout troop over several summers, 50 to 80 miles at a time. A great way to spend the week (until you’re stuck in 95 degree weather getting down Camel’s Hump).Mike W.

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