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Almost there

I’ve changed the name of this blog yet again, moved it, and turned on comments and syndication. If everything shakes down properly in the next day or so, I’ll revise this to version 1.0.

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  1. ed

    i liked deep background, for what it’s worth….ed.

  2. Steve

    Lookin’ good, Dan. How do you feel about trackbacks?

  3. John Galt

    Double super deep bkgd pfd. Best of luck, DK.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Steve – Other than seeing the term “trackback” here and there in other blogs, I don’t even know what it means. Perhaps it’s something I should look into at some point, but not right now. Dan

  5. Dan

    As a loyal reader from your Phoenix days, I’m glad to see you back. And thanks for setting up a site feed – Media Log was one of the few blogs I actually had to visit in my browser.

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