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Something happened (II)

No one will ever confuse Media Nation with Patriots Country. I am the most casual of football fans. They’re playing sometime this weekend, right? Uh … the Chargers? OK. I’ll watch the second half. If I’m around. I mean, I want them to win, but this isn’t baseball.

So it’s not fevered fandom that leads me to say the anti-violence group Jane Doe Inc. is all wrong in calling for the Patriots to bench Randy Moss, as Jessica Van Sack reports in today’s Herald. Yes, of course, he’s innocent unless proven guilty. That goes without saying.

But this goes beyond that. The situation involving Moss is truly ambiguous. We have no idea of what really happened, of course. But the version being put out by Moss’ lawyers (Globe coverage here; Herald here) is not implausible. We need to let this play out. And to let Moss play.

Something happened

In the Globe, Christopher Gasper writes that Patriots star receiver Randy Moss says it was “an accident.” In the Herald, Karen Guregian has a little more, reporting that Moss told her his female friend had suffered a “slight injury.” Both papers report Moss’ assertion that he did nothing wrong.

But there’s an allegation of violence against a woman, a restraining order and the certainty that we’re going to learn much more in the days and weeks ahead. Ugh.

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