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You’ve got (too much) email

Have we hit peak newsletter? Matt Karolian of Boston Globe Media thinks so.

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Member Newsletter #5

I just sent out the weekly Media Nation Newsletter. If you’re a member and you don’t see it, make sure to look in your spam folder. The formatting might not look quite right, but there’s a link at the very top of the page that lets you view it in your browser. And if you’d like to become a member for $5 a month, just click here. You’ll support my work and receive the members-only newsletter every Friday with exclusive content, a wrap-up of the week’s news, photography and a song of the week.

Member Newsletter No. 4

The latest edition of the Media Nation Member Newsletter just went out. If you’re a paid subscriber and didn’t receive it, please look in your spam folder. I sent it out by bcc, which can sometimes mess with email algorithms. And if you’d like to get it delivered to your own inbox every Friday for $5 a month, just click here.

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